IMS - Occupational Health and Safety Policy Statement

The Management of SGCC is firmly committed to the provisions of health and safety of its employees and the General Public. Our bottom line is that every member associated with us whether who works on, visit, or affected by our projects needs to return home safe daily.

Ensuring the safety at our work sites is the most important service we provide, not only to our employees but also to our Client and Sub-contractors, and the Public within our construction area.

Our Company's policy is to encourage its employees to act responsibly at all times in order to prevent & avoid any harm or injury to themselves or to others, therefore the site teams are provided with safety training to ensure safety at work. Safety Measures taken to ensure the safety of the public are implemented in accordance with the instructions and specific requirements to prevent accidents and losses. Environmental controls and protection are a meaningful part of our project-specific plans and a strong focus on our staff.

Despite a project's size, complexity and work schedule we take safety as our foremost responsibility. Every member of our organization from field staff to executive management is dedicated to the health and safety of all individuals and premises associated with our construction projects.



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